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  • Ella 6 months | Bunbury Southwest Family Photographer December 2, 2016

    It was great to see the Jones family again after capturing Ella as a newborn in Maternal Moments studio.  6 months have passed and she is one happy bubba.

    The family chose a sunset session to capture Ella at 6 months of age and it was a great opportunity to capture big Sister Katie again too.

    There was plenty of dandelions and sunshine to make this session full of entertainment for the girls and they did so well.

    I cannot wait for Ella’s first birthday photo session which I know will be here in no time.


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  • The Dell’Agostino Family | Bunbury South West Family Photographer November 28, 2016

    Capturing a family after seeing them the last time pregnant or with a newborn baby is so much fun.  How much the children have grown or how much they have changed always amazes me.  I photographed this family one day before Brooke gave birth to Lincoln (now 2).  She was all belly and we had a great studio photo session.  Indi (now 4) still has those mesmerising eyes which I had to bribe with a lollipop 2 years ago.

    We ventured into this families very own estate (Kingston Estate) to capture them one warm Summer’s evening.  The kids were a little shy at first but their smiles took over by the end.

    I tried to persuade them to go for sibling #3 because they are doing such a great job why stop at 2.  Unfortunately Craig and Brooke both would not buy it. 🙂

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  • Koda day 8 | Bunbury South West Newborn Photographer November 23, 2016

    Koda’s Newborn Photo Session

    Rae: Maternal Moments Photography

    Wow, looking back at this newborn session in the Maternal Moment’s Bunbury studio I had forgotten that Koda was just a teeny, tiny 8 days old.

    We had discussed a must have Harley Davidson and newborn shot with Kaleshia and Parke.  This shot was a composite of two images with Dad firmly holding Koda the whole time.  Koda was a star.

    I love tattooed parents and I think Parke’s tattoo summed up the whole session.  Check it out on the last image with Koda firmly in his arm.

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  • Oaklen’s Birth Story | Bunbury South West Birth Photographer November 22, 2016

    The amazing video of Oaklen’s water birth taken at Bunbury Hospital.


  • Kaleshia Pregnancy Beach Session | Bunbury Southwest Maternity Photographer November 22, 2016

    A maternity session for a couple can be intimate and fun but when you throw in a sibling including the K9 type it can be even more fun and chaotic.   Introducing Kaleshia, Parke, Indie-Rose and the K9 Brother Booma for Kaleshia’s maternity beach session at 36 weeks.

    Most of my past clients have seen Kaleshia and Parke on my studio wall.  Large and framed.  The pregnancy pose has been requested many times because of it.  The image is of Kaleshia and Parke’s first pregnancy.  Well we recreated the same pose incorporating Indie-Rose who was in that belly nearing on 5 years prior.

    Indie-Rose and her sneaky little grin was what we got when in the studio but when we hit the beach it was all fun and games and that gorgeous smile, I know so well, came out to play.

    What an amazing sunset we were blessed with on their local beach in Dalyellup.

    For Kaleshia’s beach maternity outfit we combined a couple of items such as a standard crop top from Reiss Emporium Treendale and also a sheer maternity gown turned into a skirt and sash.  We wanted to bear that beautiful belly but keep the outfit soft and feminine.  I love having a play with the maternity wardrobe I have on hand for clients and it fit perfectly with the setting.

    Makeup: Kitti, Bunbury

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