Recent Works

  • Sam Thomas – 7 days new February 18, 2013

    Sam’s Mum and Dad came from Donnybrook for me to capture their little man just one day out of hospital.  Sam was still wearing a little bandage on his hand from a fight with an infection, but he is all smiles now, as he proved in his Mum’s arms.

    Big sister Olivia (4) held her little brother so well but I had to be pretty quick to capture her gorgeous smile as shyness was winning that day.  Brother Tyler (2) chose not to sit in this one.

    We even put Sam in a bonnet which I think boys can pull off at 7 days old, not sure how Dad will feel about this one, but I think it is so cute!

    We had a great session which finished with my studio loosing power thanks to a power pole top fire in Australind.  Thankfully all was done.



  • Jessica Rose – 8 days new February 11, 2013


    This hot, balmy day welcomed Jessica Rose into the studio, who arrived 2 weeks early for her Mum and Dad.  Technically Jessica should not even be born yet, but is now 8 days.

    Well I could not help but jump straight on the computer to start editing Jessica’s images (It does help that this is my only afternoon this week without children to entertain).  But also because she was beautiful little bundle who allowed me to turn her into a little human taco in regard to the poses.

    We even had a visit from 3 year old Marley (I would say the bigger sister in K9 form).  Marley is a Great Dane and HUGE as they all are.  She was so calm around Jessica and it turned out to be a great shot.

    Hope you enjoy Jessica’s shots from today.


  • Penelope @ 7 days new February 9, 2013

    Sam and Megan visited the studio with their second born, Penelope.

    Penelope was awesome and transfered straight from the car carrier to naked to the blanket shots.  Dream baby subject!!

    We got some fantastic shots which even included big brother Angus (3).  He was a trooper and definitely wanted to show us his use of his big, strong muscles holding his baby sister (Mum was VERY close by).

    Congrats to Sam, Megan and Angus on the safe arrival (1 1/2 weeks late) of Penelope.  She was definitely worth the wait.


  • MariClare & Mark – Pregnancy shoot @ 36 weeks February 5, 2013

    MariClare and Mark were gifted with a Maternal Moments “Bump to Baby Package” from MariClare’s family for their engagement.  What an awesome gift!! 🙂

    This couple are going to have a very busy 2013 welcoming their first born and planning a wedding.

    We started the “Bump” session in the studio and then ventured out to capture some more shots enjoying a Summer’s early evening.

    It was a fantastic session (as you can tell I love the Summer evenings) and I cannot wait to meet the new addition in early March.

  • Personal ~ Year 1 next week February 2, 2013

    Well my oldest, Ruby, starts Year 1 next week.  Not only is this a big milestone but it is also at a new school.  Thankfully for me, she is excited and cannot wait.  Maybe the whole buying a dog as a bribe to get her keen on the idea actually worked.

    So to celebrate and capture this small moment in time, I dragged them out one evening in sweet, new dresses and photographed them until there was no light left.  It also helped that nearby was a group of Kangaroos wondering if we were going to give chase or not.  Entertainment for the girls!

    So with the sun kissing the earth we were able to capture the love and playfulness of sisters.



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