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  • Harrison’s Mummies feedback January 9, 2013


    Love receiving feedback from my past clients and love the mention of baby no. 2 too!!!

    “Our experience with Maternal Moments Photography was nothing short of fantastic. Rae was so gentle, warm and attentive with our little boy and this is reflected throughout the many great photos. We now have a beautiful set of photograph displayed throughout our house. We will recommend Maternal Moments Photography to all our friends and we look forward to going back with baby number two. Sara”

  • Hello 2013! January 6, 2013

    Even though 2013 will be my 4th year in business I feel this will be my new beginning. The reasons are varied but the main reason will be my new studio, a new beginning for me and my two daughters and I feel a fresh start for me as a business woman.

    Hence the reason to blog!

    I have chosen my first session for 2013 which, most fitting, was a newborn session of a 6 week old Ellarah. Some say 6 weeks is not classed as a newborn but I prefer to give Mum and Dads the option to invest a little more time into the session to gain the results of a newborn session. The peaceful shots of a sleeping, rested baby. Yes this is a tough ask and I warn parents not all babies comply but after a tough start little Ellarah obliged.

    Thank you to Samantha and Rick for your patience and providing a beautiful example.

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