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  • The Moar Family April 21, 2013

    Pete and Karissa came to visit me in the studio with their two gorgeous children, Gabriella (4) and Alexander (2).

    This family are previous clients who visited me nearly two years ago with Alex being around 6 weeks old.  After capturing Alex at 6 weeks you would think that this time round would be a breeze but Alex did not have a good night before and was a hard little nut to crack.  Somehow we were still able to capture those big blue eyes.

    Gabriella on the other hand had a great time in front of the camera and the end results show that.  Get a look at Gabby’s amazing hair – it has never been cut so her hair still shows her beautiful, blonde baby hair on the ends!!

    Thanks for visiting me again Moar family!!



  • Shannon – 9 months April 7, 2013

    One thing keeps popping into my head – this session was SO much fun.

    I think it is because I loved getting a reaction and capturing the many fun faces of Shannon and I loved the studio being loud!  Shannon is the happiest baby I have met.  She was full of screams and giggles and LOVED the camera.

    Margaret and Mike are lucky parents as I was told she has been a saint since birth.

    I think this would even make me suggest to parents wanting to capture their babies after 14 days, wait until they are sitting up.  The faces and fun is shown in Shannon’s pics.


  • Lachlan Anthony Dunn – 14 days April 2, 2013

    Lachlan finally arrived on 6th March at 7:33pm.  It was not like he was over due but after capturing Mum and Dad’s pregnancy at 34 weeks I was anticipating his arrival.  My impatience and the down side for me of a Bump to Baby Package – I cannot wait!!!

    Lachlan came on day 14 and proved to be quite a challenge.  He loved been wrapped in a bundle and let you know if he was not happy otherwise.  He was also a pooing machine!  Now I have had my fair share of poo but never have I experienced this much since another little Lachlan visited me around the same time in 2012!!!!

    In the end we captured him in a number of different poses and even got him in Daddy’s tool box.

    Congrats MariClare and Mark, he is a firecracker!


  • Wedding of Keiran and Zoey – 2nd March 2013 March 26, 2013

    I had the pleasure of assisting Bree in early March for a Harvey Wedding of Keiran and Zoey.

    To say that this bridal party was fun is an understatment, they were crazy and in great spirits the whole day.  I started the day at the groom’s house where I was met with a house full of excited relatives and a very casual groom and groomsmen.  Their attire consisted of braces and an awesome set of matching cuff links.  We had a great time around the familie’s outdoor bar area capturing the guys relaxing before the ceremony.

    The ceremony was held at the Harvey’s Stirling Cottage where the formal photos were also taken.  The couple then celebrated the night at Casella’s in Bunbury.

    Congrats guys!


  • Ben and Candice Holmes – Wedding – 16th March 2013 March 17, 2013

    Congratulations to Ben and Candice on their beautiful wedding.

    The clouds parted and the sun shone on this outdoor, beach Wedding in Ben and Candice’s home place, Binningup.  We had a great time capturing the Wedding party in some beautiful and hidden locations.

    Ben and Candice came to me nearly 2 years ago with their beautiful baby Ava for some newborn shots and then they moved to Brookton.  It was a great surprise and honour to receive an email from Candice announcing they had made a date for their Wedding and invited me to capture the moment.

    The wedding party were great and we even had time for a spot of golf to Ben’s delight.

    I am hoping this is the start of more Weddings to come my way as it was such a great day.



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