Recent Works

  • Peyton – 14 days new June 12, 2013

    Peyton poor love, at 14 days, had a little cold but we settled her down and were able to capture her both asleep and revealing her big, blue eyes.  She definitely made us work for the shut eye shots but when looking at the images I think everyone will think we are lying.

    We were able to incorporate some of Mum and Dad’s special items from family members and even her little bracelet sporting her first diamond.  My kind of girl!


  • Blaze – 14 days new June 4, 2013

    This little man’s name is sure to bring him great things … Blaze (14 days) is a cool little man who was full of smiles when his big brother Jaxon (5) held him.  Jaxon had just leaned down for a kiss when Blaze beamed a big smile.  His arms were loose but Dad was close by so I could not let the shot pass me by.

    He was a tough cookie at the beginning of the session with his tight little fists, which won me over in the end, but after a snuggle with Mum he was a dream.

    Thanks to Rachel and especially Martin who endured the 28 degree room for the session with no complaints or breaks.



  • Abbey – Boudoir June 3, 2013

    I remember discussing boudoir photography with the lovely ladies at Envy The Beauty Specialists. So it was an awesome surprise to hear that Caitlin referred a client to me who was interested in surprising her boyfriend with a saucy anniversary gift.

    Abbey and I corresponded via email prior to the session on what looks she wanted to try and when she arrived she looked amazing with her hair and makeup being done professionally (which makes my job sooo much easier).  We had a great time in the studio and Abbey came armed with a case load of amazing underwear and shoes galore.

    I am only showcasing just a small taste of what we achieved as I promised Abbey to sneak peek only a few.  Choosing was so hard because I love them all and I think any boyfriend would love this as a gift!!!

    Hair: Wish Hair Studio

    Makeup: Caitlin; Envy The Beauty Specialists.


  • Newborn Posing Workshop (Nathaniel) – 27th May 2013 June 1, 2013

    I ran my first ever newborn posing workshop on a cruisey Monday and had a great time.

    Unfortunately one of my newborn models pulled out at the last minute so 7 day old Nathaniel was the hero of the day.

    The workshop was to teach the technique of transition posing from one pose to another with minimal upset to the newborn.  Of course posing with safety was also discussed as well as camera settings.  It was a great day and I hope to run more in the future.

    Just a few little shots from the day of Nathaniel Liam Chase Scott.

    Big thanks to Nicole and Cameron for their patience on the day.

  • Sarah & Cameron – Pregnancy @ 36 weeks May 30, 2013

    Sarah and Cameron came to me with a Bump to Baby package which will allow me to capture both their pregnancy and their newborn – MY FAVOURITE PACKAGE!

    Sarah is surprisingly due in just 4 weeks and she looks soooooo amazing and compact.

    The sex of her little bump is a surprise and the couple look so in love with the bump and each other it is gorgeous.  A lot of the session was very intimate as Sarah allowed me to capture her amazingly and we had to shed layers to reveal that bump even more.

    Cannot wait to meet Sarah and Cam’s newest edition very soon.




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