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  • The Denham Family – introducing Chloe July 16, 2013

    Krista and Jono are one of my long time clients who came to me with their first born, Mackenzie, at 6 weeks.  She was a toughy back then and 2 years on still owns the same amount of spunk, but we got some amazing shots of her.  So Mum and Dad wanted to repeat the photo opportunity with their newest addition, beautiful little Chloe.

    Krista brought her photos with her from 2 years ago and we replicated some of the shots which meant Dad HAD to get his shirt off again.  But how can you beat Daddy and his little girl on his chest?  One of my many favourite poses to do with Daddys.

    MacKenzie loved the camera, for a little amount of time, so we worked as quickly to capture her gorgeous, cheeky smile and to grab that shot of her with her new little Sister.

    Thanks guys for allowing me to capture your family once again.  The girls are beautiful!

  • Lukas George – 11 days new July 14, 2013

    Sarah and Cam came to me with a Bump to Baby package and I have blogged previously on Sarah and Cam and their amazing pregnancy.  Sarah was soooo petite and looked awesome.

    Lukas was born at Collie Regional Hospital on my actual Birthday.  So of course being a Gemini, and being of the same origin, he was going to test me. But we captured him being oh so peaceful and beautiful.

    Congrats to Sarah and Cam on your new addition.

  • Deanne and Lee + 4 = FAMILY – (Alverstoke, Brunswick) July 11, 2013

    I recently did a family shoot for Deanne and Lee at Alverstoke near Brunswick.  It was a beautiful day and we were so lucky to be able to be outdoors on a May morning.

    I met Shaye (8), Charli (7), Riley (4) and, their latest addition, gorgeous little Nikolas (9 weeks) for the session.  The kids were fantastic throughout the whole shoot.

    Discovering Alverstoke over a 2 hour session allowed us to  move from the old carriage to the school house into the amazing barn with all its old world charm, providing fun and interesting backdrops.  It was like a morning at the museum for the kids (and myself).

    To capture  all the children naturally and in sequence with each other meant suggesting some poses to capture everyone at their best (easier said than done) but thanks to Lee being great behind the camera we captured some gorgeous smiles … and eyes.

    Everyone seemed to love the opportunity to run around and it sure beat the studio!


  • Indie-Rose – A Winter’s Picnic July 10, 2013

    I was so excited to plan a Winter outdoor shoot with Indie-Rose (2) and her Mum.

    They are one of my oldest clients who have become one of my trusted friends.

    We knew Indie-Rose was going to be a challenge, as she is a strong willed little mite, but we got some great shots keeping her busy and entertained with tea for two and bubbles.

    We borrowed some amazing items from Ang (Wee Tackers) and set up in the cool sunset at Dalyellup.

    We had a great time and feel a tea set will be ordered as Indie-Rose’s reward for being a great little subject.

    This proves that Winter does not mean studio only photography.


  • Fletcher and Family – Newborn July 9, 2013

    Fletcher Nate Ashby was born on 7th June at Bunbury’s St John of God Hospital.  He joined big brother Cooper (2 1/2) and they both made for a very interesting session.

    After experiencing a string of Gemini babies who were happy to be rocked to sleep but then wake the moment I lay them in a pose, I am now contemplating taking holidays every June for the rest of my photography career.

    Fletcher was a toughy but the shots we got of him were amazing and when awake he was so calm we could just continue on.

    When Fletcher was feeding we were then entertained by big brother Cooper who was all smiles for the camera and loved it.

    Enjoy Fletcher at 11 days old.

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