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  • Ella at 11 days | Bunbury Southwest Newborn Photographer November 5, 2013

    Ella Ella Ella.

    Well Ella is a fighter.  It may be that she has just been born with two older siblings or maybe she knows she is the boss.  Whatever the reason she is a real fighter and was for the whole session.

    Ella loved being wrapped and wrapped tight and did not appreciate being naked at all!! So when she finally drifted off to a deep sleep we went to work and quickly.

    After all the hard work though I look back on these images and some have to be in my favourite top 10 as she had the most divine lips and lashes.

    Congrats to Lees and Nicole on their new baby girl.  Summer and Ben are in for a treat!!



    Bunbury Newborn PhotographerBunbury Newborn PhotographerBunbury Newborn PhotographerBunbury Newborn PhotographerBunbury Newborn Photographer

  • Wayne and Carolyn’s Wedding Day – 28th Sept 2013 | Bunbury SouthWest Wedding Photographer November 1, 2013

    Well I was fortunate to be asked to capture my Dad and step-Mum’s wedding on the long weekend.  It was a touch and go there for the weather and I am sure everyone at the time would have been in front of their TV screens watching the Footy Grand Final.  But a wedding was being prepped and anticipated for that day.

    It was a very relaxed photo session with only a couple of hours from ceremony to the kick off of Reception to fit in some formal shots.  All I can say is Dad and Carolyn’s style is more lets have fun then posey which you will see reflected in the images.

    Congrats guys and enjoy!


    Location: Alverstoke, Brunswick

    Hair: Luxe, Bunbury

    Cupcakes: Lee, Cakescape, Busselton

    Decorations: Creations Unlimited + family

    Second Shooter: Bree, Carter and Rose Photography

    Flowers: Australind Florist

    Wedding Photographer Bunbury

    Bunbury Wedding Photographer

    gilbert blog 2Bunbury Wedding PhotographerBunbury Wedding PhotographerBunbury Wedding PhotographerBunbury Wedding PhotographerBunbury Wedding PhotographerBunbury Wedding Photographer





  • Oscar at 11 days | Bunbury SouthWest Newborn Photographer October 25, 2013

    Mic and Jo returned following their amazing outdoor maternity session with their new addition, Oscar Michael.

    Oscar had the most amazing head of hair to the point a brush was required every now and again to ensure it was being controlled.

    One of the props I used was a nest.  I used the same flowers which Mum and Dad stood in for their maternity session and decorated it.  Amazing what 4 weeks did as I think I plucked the last of them from the field.

    He was a joy to work with and I’m sure you will agree he is one cutey.  Mum and Dad are settling into parenthood with a breeze.

    Congrats guys.


    Bunbury Newborn Photographerunbury Newborn Photographerunbury Newborn Photographerunbury Newborn Photographerunbury Newborn Photographerunbury Newborn Photographerunbury Newborn Photographer

  • Sarahjane – Maternity Session | Bunbury South West Photographer October 20, 2013

    Sarahjane and her little boy Harper (3) travelled from Tom Price for her final weeks of pregnancy for the birth of her second and to be close to family.  Hubby Shane travelled soon after to join them.

    I was excited to get a call from Sarahjane to arrange an outdoor maternity session for her and her son Harper celebrating baby number 2 and it so happened that she was staying with her Mum just around the corner from me and my favourite location.

    Sarahjane looked fantastic at around 36 weeks pregnant and we had a great time with Harper venturing around.  Harper was even armed with his favourite book and a toy gun to keep him amused and he did so well.  Just when we thought he was done with the photos he would sneak into frame and have the most precious look on his face (this one is featured below in the field cosying up to Mum’s side).

    Sarahjane, Shane and Harper returned with their baby girl, Arabella, for a newborn session but you will have to come back to see these ones!


    Bunbury Family PhotographerBunbury Family PhotographerSouth West Maternity PhotographerSouth West Maternity Photographer

    South West Maternity Photographer

  • Chase Braxton at 8 days | Bunbury South West Newborn Photographer October 18, 2013

    I was lucky enough for Rebecca and Kev to return to the studio with their new addition for a newborn photo session following a maternity shoot.  Check out how little Bec was in my maternity section of the blog!

    Little spunk Chase was introduced and he was adorable.

    He had amazing long fingers which made detail shots all worth it and had a little habit of sucking in his bottom lip.

    We planned to use Kev’s farm boots minus the farm nasties for a cute farmer’s son shot, so a new pair were pulled out for the session and I love the result.

    Thanks guys for sharing your pregnancy and your first born with me.


    Bunbury Baby PhotographerBunbury Baby PhotographerBunbury Baby PhotographerBunbury Baby Photographer

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