Baby Bodhi on day 15 | Bunbury Southwest Newborn baby photographer

A baby photo session with Bodhi

As promised here is Calin and Jye’s little man’s newborn photo session which was amazing.  Arriving into this world a little earlier than expected and following a hospital stay he is now an amazing healthy little boy who they named Bodhi.

Following Mum and Dad’s maternity session along side the river, Bodhi’s newborn session was all about soft teal (thanks for a special gifted blanket) and the love of the wood grain.

He did so well and provided a stress free photo session for Mum and Dad.  But as Mum and Dad are taking parenthood so well I did not expect much less.

During his session Bodhi transitioned easily from one pose to the next and was asleep the whole time.  It may have been contributed to his stay in hospital with the consistent touching of him by the nurses that turned him into posing putty in my hands.

Congratulations to Mum and Dad on Bodhi and thank you for sharing your journey to parenthood with me.

PS. Baby safety is paramount and a lot of my images are composite images with Dad’s hands being used to support Bodhi in the potato sack pose as well as in the bucket.

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Newborn parent poses

Calin and Jai | Maternity Bush session | Bunbury Southwest Pregnancy Photographer

Calin contacted me to capture her first pregnancy in a green, lush location.  I was excited to scout out a new location and as it was an Autumn maternity session the lush greenery of the bush was returning.  We found the perfect location and I visited early, as I do with all new locations, and sent through some images for Calin to provide her approval.

It was perfect!

Calin looked radiant on the day of her session and we had so much fun discussing ideas and spots to take advantage of.  Jai was happy to wait in the wings and jump in when required.  Calin was so brave to venture into the water but the location was perfect and she shared my vision.  Her only concern was my gown (Sew Trendy Accessories – top gown only)!  Oh and maybe the Marron nipping at our toes.

It was such a great evening and I could not wait to return home to share the images which were so different to what I have provided before.

Their baby was providing Mum an amazing pregnancy (as you can see) and we were all excited to receive the news on when the baby arrived and what sex they were!

Check out their newborn session on the blog next.

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Lyla’s Dairy Farm Photo Shoot | Bunbury Southwest Family Photographer

I have photographed Sarah with her first born, Taj some time ago on Buffalo Beach near Binningup where she wanted a family photographer to capture just her and her little man.  He was a tough cookie to say the least.  I  was excited to capture Sarah again with her second born, Lyla, in a newborn shoot.  Taj was on hand and had warmed to me a little more then our first encounter on the beach.  Well, here we were celebrating Lyla reaching the 9 month milestone and we ventured inland to their family dairy farm near Busselton.

Sarah and I had talked about capturing Lyla amongst the cows on the farm after her newborn shoot so of course my mind was swirling with what I had envisaged for this session.  Not only did we have cows but we had bulls and the most adorable Jack Russell puppy you have ever seen named Wilbur.  As I downloaded the images I think they surpassed all my expectations.  Taj was such a great sport and maybe those last few years of being exposed to me, and the big black thing in his face, he finally was ready to play.  He was charming!

Lyla was gorgeous and still being oh so petite the vintage high chair was perfect.  She was giggles and smiles the whole way through.

Wes (Dad) arranged the feed for the cows just right and even though Wes and Sarah were in their work gear I could not help but throw them in for an adorable, natural family photo.

Thanks guys for allowing me to again capture another great family milestone.

As dairy farming is a hot topic at the moment the timing of your images and blogging about them could not be more appropriate.  It was amazing to see the business Wes and Sarah are building for their family and the future.

Buy local!!

P.S.  No cows, bulls, puppies or children were harmed during this photo session.

Bunbury Family PhotographerBunbury Family PhotographerBunbury Family PhotographerBunbury Family PhotographerBunbury Family PhotographerBunbury Family PhotographerBunbury Family Photographer
Bunbury Family Photographer



Southwest Newborn Photographer | Monique on day 11

Monique and her big Brother Blayne (2) visited me in the studio for Monique’s newborn photo session.

Blayne was so good.  He listened intently and as long as Mum and Dad were close by he was happy for Rae to position him where ever needed.  At 2 years of age, sibling shots can be really tough and there is a very fine line of capturing it or the older sibling deciding its all over and you’ve got nothing!

Monique was gifted with some pretty special pieces too.  A beautiful key from Tiffany & Co and an amazing Swarovski Crystal clam shell with a pearl.  I love when clients bring extra special items to be photographed with their newborns.  Makes the session so personalised.

Mum had informed me of her love of teal so that was the theme for her session and she rocked the colour.  She was so cruise and even with the little Posing Pod (mini lounge chair) she just gave a little wiggle but was in the pose in a matter of minutes with Dad close by as the spotter.  Even Dad could not make that tongue poke back in.  I like to make the Dad’s stay busy during the session.

Monique slept through her session and was a dream baby girl.  She was so snug in Mum’s arms and I think these are my favourite (which is not unusual for me) images of the session.

Thanks guys for sharing this time with me and Blayne you are welcome back anytime!

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Indie-Rose Newborn Photo Shoot | Bunbury Southwest Newborn Photographer

Day 11 – Indie-Rose Newborn Photo Shoot.

Well Mum and Dad’s maternity session was special, so the anticipation to create a similar experience for Indie-Rose’s newborn photo session was on.

Arriving at the studio Indie (as Mum and Dad like to refer to her) was so teeny tiny with these amazing cheeks and little lips.

The flower nest was first up and once all snuggly in position, and in her little outfit, Indie let me know how she really felt about the pose as it was so comfortable that she showed her appreciation by filling up her pants (if you know what I mean).  But I was more than happy as we got the shot and it was now pants off!

The rest of the session was keeping with beautiful pinks and some warmth of timber.  My favourite shots from the session are the parents shots though.  These are a priority in my newborn sessions as the connection, the size of each baby and the love between the family members is a keepsake forever, and to be recorded!!

Keep breeding guys because you can make super cute babies!



Bunbury baby Newborn PhotographerBunbury baby Newborn Photographer

Bunbury baby Newborn PhotographerBunbury baby Newborn PhotographerBunbury baby Newborn PhotographerBunbury baby Newborn PhotographerBunbury baby Newborn PhotographerBunbury baby Newborn PhotographerBunbury baby Newborn Photographer